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At Xeptor we pride ourselves on our service. We want to help you to become a better reseller by standing by you from presales to after sales.

Support services

We have a wide range of pre-sales specialists that can assist you in providing the best business solution. Our technical knowledge is at your disposal to aid you and your customer prior to any purchase.

Tailor made

Xeptor has its own dedicated Technical Support department, offering a complete configure to order service. Whether a server requires extra memory or a laptop needs a software revision, Xeptor can tailor your order. We also ensure the technology proposed is compatible with the existing infrastructure allowing for seamless integration.

Storage and demand

Xeptor’s 20,000m² warehouse means that we can hold the volume of stock and provide consistent availability all within 24 hours. We can also act as your warehouse, holding the stock you have bought and supplying it as required.

Enrolling and removal

Sometimes there is more to it than just acquiring a client new hardware. A new rollout can take time and disrupt business. Guarantee your customer continuity and let Xeptor do the work, such as:

  • Emptying the workspace

  • Moving the old hardware to the preferred storage space (internal, external including Xeptor)
  • Placing and connecting new hardware
  • Disposal of the old hardware and the packaging materials


After buying hardware, your customer often can't go to work right away. Hardware needs to be configured, software has to be installed or images have to be written. This is a time consuming process and time is money! That's why certified technicians of Xeptor can be a valuable service to you:

  • Custom hardware configuration (RAM, HDD, SSD upgrades, etc.)
  • Report service (list of bought hardware and it’s specs for your customer)
  • DOA check
  • Pre-install images
  • Additional software installation
  • Installation/change of to operating system
  • BIOS settings configuration

IT Disposal & Trade in

Xeptor allows you to buy back your clients redundant hardware, simply turning it into hard cash. We will offer you a current market valuation within 24 hours. If you accept our offer you may decide to sell, use as a credit towards your next purchase or to offset the value allowing a trade in. Xeptor can also take care of your old equipment should it have no market value, eliminating the hassle of storing excess assets by disposing of it in accordance with the WEEE guidelines.
The benefits of IT disposal & Trade In:

  • Best possible value for depreciated hardware
  • Environmentally friendly (CSR)
  • Blancco certified (old data is permanently and safely removed from old devices)

Leasing IT Hardware

Leasing IT hardware has seen a large increase in demand recently. Companies large and small are looking to grow and improve their systems by leasing hardware and software. This is often a perfect solution for customers that are relocating or migrating systems, organizing trade fairs, have seasonal peaks or special events.
Xeptor can deliver configured and tested equipment to any location across Europe. All configurations can be customized to include software which pre-installed and ready to use.
Xeptor can provide flexible and cost effective leasing solutions to its customers allowing you to provide an extra optimal service.

Customer service guarantee

Your customers expect a high level of service and you expect that from us. At Xeptor this means:

  • Highly trained knowledgeable staff.
  • Each request handled by your dedicated account manager.
  • All queries responded to quickly.
  • Next day delivery available on nearly all products.